If you are frustrated in your current corporate environment, Jan-Pro offers you a chance
to control your own destiny without risking everything.
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About Jan-Pro Canada

With a 93% customer retention rate, once you hire Jan-Pro Office Cleaners, this is the last time you’ll go through the process.

We take complete OWNERSHIP of a consistent office cleaning service.

Office cleaning services delivered by owner/operated franchisees.

Here are few reasons why customer like the Jan-Pro experience

  • Quality, Value, Performance.
    At JAN-PRO, we realize the test every cleaning company must pass is whether the value of its service is worth the cost. That is why our goal is to provide the highest quality, most up-to-date, professional cleaning service at the best possible price. JAN-PRO will tailor each cleaning program to meet your individual needs, assuring you better value for your money. At JAN-PRO you pay only for the cleaning services that you want. JAN-PRO® owner/operators are dedicated to providing consistent, reliable service on an ongoing basis.
  • Owner/Operators Provide the Highest Level of Excellence.
    JAN-PRO® franchisees have a vested interest of time, money and effort in ensuring every customer need is met in a timely and quality fashion. As owner/operators they have a pride of ownership that results in an enhanced level of janitorial services for their customers. This is a chosen profession for them, janitorial services of the highest level is something they take pride in delivering.
  • The JAN-PRO® Process
    What is the definition of “clean”?  Ask 100 people and you’ll likely get 100 different answers.  At JAN-PRO you’ll only ever hear one answer:
    “It’s Only Clean When Our Processes Confirm It’s Clean.”
  • Communication
    JAN-PRO is available to assist you by telephone response during the normal business hours on all cleaning procedures. Our regional offices’ operations staff is poised to administer immediate assistance to customers.
  • Customer Satisfaction
    JAN-PRO offers a professional touch to the cleaning industry by providing you with a well-trained franchise business owner who focuses on customer appreciation, and possesses the attitude, desire and determination to maintain the superior quality of cleaning you require for your company.
  • Detailed Cleaning Schedules
    JAN-PRO will address your specific cleaning requirements by preparing a daily, weekly and monthly cleaning schedule to meet your needs. This eliminates guesswork and ensures all your needs are met.
  • We’re ready when you are.
    JAN-PRO is ready to put our skills and experience to work for you today. We welcome the opportunity to personally meet with you and discuss your specific needs.

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