If you are frustrated in your current corporate environment, Jan-Pro offers you a chance
to control your own destiny without risking everything.
Is this you? »

Is this you?

Are you a talented, hard-working executive who would rather be using your management skills to build a business for yourself?

Are you interested in investing in an established franchise and creating an income stream for life?

What if you could buy a structure and process that, once set up, continues to scale and grow based on how well you develop your staff and colleagues?

If you are comfortable managing and motivating people, becoming a JAN-PRO Master Franchise Owner is a wonderful opportunity because it is the team you build that ensures your investment pays back over and over again.

An Executive’s Business

The JAN-PRO program relies on a decentralized management structure in which each Master Franchise Owner acts as the Regional Franchisor in his or her exclusive territory. We partner with seasoned and proven professionals to capitalize on the business of managing franchised commercial cleaning in their markets.

Master Franchise Owners operate in a professional office environment during regular business hours, while their Unit Franchisees service the commercial cleaning needs of our clients.

Master Franchise at Jan-Pro.ca

The JAN-PRO model.

Master Franchise Owners award Unit Franchises at various investment levels within their specific geographic territories. In turn, the Unit Franchisees are responsible for servicing their designated clients. All of the training, tools, and techniques are provided through JAN-PRO support services, which leaves your Unit Franchisees free to focus on their cleaning responsibilities and you to focus on managing them and identifying new clients.

The basic cleaning contract offered by JAN-PRO is for regular cleaning services in a variety of facilities, ranging from auto dealerships, banks, churches, health clubs, medical and dental centres, private schools and daycares, and retail facilities. The Master Franchise Owner is responsible for identifying, bidding, and winning these accounts and for managing and retaining them.

A large part of our success is the stability of the business model. JAN-PRO proudly demonstrates outstanding performance well above industry average in terms of client retention — our client retention rate in Canada is 93% (the industry standard is around 50%).

Selling the JAN-PRO advantage.

There are some unique advantages offered by JAN-PRO over its competitors, all of which will help you attract and close new prospects. As we get into more detailed discussions, you’ll learn more about:

  • Our JAN-PRO guarantee — an industry exclusive
  • Our unique branded processes — designed to give you a real edge
  • Our state-of-the-art operating system — MasterView
  • Compelling client endorsements and testimonials
  • The most comprehensive training in the industry
  • Our support team advantages — during start-up and as an ongoing resource

It is these kinds of advantages, and many more like them, that enable you to attract and retain clients and the Unit Franchisees to service them.

Multiple revenue streams.

As a JAN-PRO Master Franchise Owner you’ll benefit from income derived from these main sources:

  • Unit Franchise fees
  • Royalties on client billings
  • Management, administrative, and insurance fees
  • Interest on financed franchise fees
  • Markup on supplies and equipment

As a JAN-PRO Master Franchise Owner, you are in business for yourself not by yourself.

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