If you are frustrated in your current corporate environment, Jan-Pro offers you a chance
to control your own destiny without risking everything.
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Getting Started

If you like what you’ve read so far and are now ready to take discussions to the next level, there is a set process we ask you to follow.

Please contact Jean Roberge, President, JAN-PRO Canada, for more information.

Step 1 – Initial Information Review

At our initial meeting you will have the chance to gain an overview of the JAN-PRO opportunity and to be part of an open change of questions and answers by all parties.

Step 2 – Franchise Disclosure Document Review

If we decide to move forward together we will provide you with an Application Form to be completed by you, telling us more about your past experience and financials. We will share a copy of the JAN-PRO Franchise  Disclosure Document, that will allow you to do your due diligence.

Step 3 – Financial Requirements

At this point we will review with you plans for the adequate funding of your JAN-PRO venture, including franchise fee, start-up capital and funding initial cash flow requirements. We can also discuss partial financing of these costs.

Step 4 – Orientation Meeting

This involves a scheduled visit to JAN-PRO’s corporate headquarters. This visit is your hands-on opportunity to ask additional questions and discuss the timing of your training and start-up plans.

Step 5 – Signing the agreement

If both sides decide to move forward we then prepare the Master Franchise Agreement for your signature, making you an official JAN-PROf Master Franchise Owner in an exclusive territory.

Step 6 – Training Time

An intensive training program is schedule for you, combining corporate office, regional office, and training at your own start-up facility. JAN-PRO International (?) corporate advisors will also guide you through the technical aspects of your training requirements.

Step 7 – Opening the Doors

This is the big day! JAN-PRO will have equipped and trained you to begin selling and recruiting form day one. You’ll receive support on a daily basis for the first few weeks, and thereafter JAN-PRO corporate staff will be there when you need us.

As a JAN-PRO Master Franchise Owner, you are in business for yourself not by yourself.

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