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Revenue Streams

As a JAN-PRO Master Franchise Owner you’ll benefit from income derived from these main sources:

  • Unit Franchise fees
  • Royalties on client billings — regular and special services
  • Management, administrative, and insurance fees
  • Interest on financed Unit Franchise fees
  • Markup on supplies and equipment

As a Master Franchise Owner, you collect all client billings, keep a percentage, pay a royalty to JAN-PRO Canada, and distribute the rest to Unit Franchisees. You control the cash flow.

You also collect and finance Unit Franchise fees and remit a royalty fee to JAN-PRO Canada.

Master Franchise Owners enjoy lucrative margins with a proven concept in a growth industry, with low overhead. They typically have annual income exceeding investment in the short-term.*

*There is no guarantee of income or sales; all figures should be independently verified through validation with existing Master Franchise Owners.

Monetizing your business.

Master Franchise Owners can also realize a seven-figure exit value on their JAN-PRO operation. Once you have built your business up to a certain level, you may wish to sell it.

A few things to know:

  1. JAN-PRO Canada reserves the right to match any offer to purchase your territory back.
  2. JAN-PRO Canada must also approve any purchaser to ensure stable ongoing operations.
  3. There is a 10% royalty on the sale payable to JAN-PRO Canada.

Unit Franchisees — your partners in business.

Unit Franchisees are essentially local owner-operators with a financial commitment and a vested interest in customer satisfaction. Many Unit Franchisees start off with a small Unit Franchise to supplement their income on a part-time business, realize that they are making a good return on their investment, and decide to trade up to a larger Unit Franchise to increase their book of business.

The business arrangement you have with your Unit Franchisees is that you are responsible for sales and operations. They are responsible for cleaning. Your key functions as a Master Franchise Owner are:

  • Selling Unit Franchises
  • Hiring
  • Supporting
  • Motivating
  • Training
  • Supervising
  • Empowering
  • Planning
  • Leading special projects

More than a business — JAN-PRO offers a growing “annuity” for life.

Motivated Unit Franchisees lead to satisfied clients. With a client retention rate around 93%, almost every client you sign up continues to provide you with a regular revenue stream.

For example, assume you secure $3,000 in monthly cleaning contracts in Month 1. You then secure another $3,000 in Month 2. Your monthly billings are now $6,000 at the end of Month 2. Assuming new cleaning contracts of $3,000 client each month, by the end of Year 1, you will have $231,000 of cumulative billings. Extrapolate that out over several years, and by Year 5 you are billing in excess of $1 million (even with a 7% client drop off). These assumptions work if you hire one contract sales representative.  Now think about hiring a second one and run the same numbers, what do you think you would earn to get these accounts?

First year revenue example

 Six year revenue example

The chart above is a question of numbers and assumes you have hired one sales rep. However, if you want to escalate growth, use the same numbers and multiply by two, three or four sales reps. See what happens when you get paid to develop accounts. This is the difference between our franchise opportunity and other franchise business models. You get paid before “delivery”. You get paid to get these accounts. Email us master.franchise@jan-pro.ca and we’ll explain how this works.


Note: This example is for demonstration purposes only. There is no guarantee of income or sales; all figures should be independently verified through validation with existing Master Franchise Owners.

This is what we mean by an “annuity” revenue stream.

As a JAN-PRO Master Franchise Owner, you are in business for yourself not by yourself.

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